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Total White Outfit

This all-time classic outfit, made up of triacetat trouser and a satin silk shirt, is a truly essential piece of every female wardrobe. The silk and triacetat fabric creates a chic and classy look. Complete the outfit with a sweater and a pair of sneakers for a more casual and versatile appearance; it can easily be worn from morning to evening, at almost all seasons of the year.
The designer suggests: Buying three outfits of my collection, typically white, black and pink which is big in fashion this year, you get nine different combinations in total, three of them being total black, white or pink respectively, and then the extra combinations that will arise pairing top and bottom items of different colour. This way, a woman could be stylish and elegant in the minimum time, with the minimum effort.

MaterialShirt: 100% Silk Satin - Trousser: 80% Triacetat & 20 Polyester


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